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Ale Möller creates his own landscape of music upon different musical traditionsof various origins. He operates freely, motivated by his own curiosity.
His inquiring ambitions have been transferred to a wide audience, fascinated by the complexity of his music and intoxicated by his movement of the
entire landscape.

The Möller signature is recognized by its significant drive, where there’s always a tone that wants to move on by its own free will.
Ale Möller can create a “craze-joy” like no other, both on and off stage, which is his explicit goal. As a musical storyteller he is very determined in
his ambitions, as he started out at an early age playing the trumpet.

Later on he fell in love with Greek music and the Swedish folklore tradition,
especially music from the Swedish province of Dalecarlia.
Being a multi-instrumentalist, he can handle instruments like mandola, accordion, flute, shawm and cowhorn – but foremost Ale is a musician that works his way into the very core of the traditional music that he encounters, no matter if the style is Greek rembetika or sulky triple tone.

Ale Möller - Polar Dance (Polar Music Prize 2012)

29 augusti 2012

20 maj 2011

Music: 2STV supply tray Ale Möller Band

Four Senegalese, three Swedes, a Mexican ... and the show could begin. The concert hall of the 2STV made the echo of the repertoire - a reflection of cultural diversity and identity of the group - Ale Möller Band. The notes of the kora crossed those of the mandolin, the beat of the tom-tom sought harmony with the drums and the violin was tearing the stage, crying "the riti.

One might think that Mamadou Sene had his "riti" under the "sabador" - he rarely wears a European dress. One of the lead vocals, the group came from Scandinavia did not have him on his instrument. Point "Fulani violin. But a short violin: to Erika, another group member.

The child Baol chant a poem of Serigne Touba in honor of the prophet. Is to heat the vote. His vocal cords vibrate notes "Aduna" song connoisseurs who plunges in the recollections of the traditional lyric Ensemble Theatre National Daniel Sorano Mamadou which was resident before "exile" to Sweden.

Ale Möller, named after the conductor, did a solo. The strings of his mandolin swear by his fingers. The audience applauds.Behind the ripple of its short-necked lute, musical notes and traditional Swedish folk Senegambia. He joined a duo with Solo Cissokho. Mandolin and kora tangled notes! It's beautiful. It's good to hear. Meanwhile, Rafael "The Mexican" beat the drum and Ndongo, the percussionist, follows. This complicity, they laugh ...

The kora player and vocalist (Diéliya a nightingale) are in the songs chorus Mandingo. And react, a few minutes later, the song sung by Alagi Falou Sene.

Ale Möller Band. Animals scene behind a versatile conductor blowing easily into its harmonic or transverse flute as scratching, with passion, the strings of his mandolin. 2STV after, the band performed on the same day - Wednesday - at the house of Culture Douta Seck.


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Folk & Världsmusikgalan

24 mars 2010

Ale Möller Band is nominated to Årets Samspel at Folk & Världsmusikgalan in Stockholm.

Länk till galan

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